Lower Body Training – 23.6.13

Whew, absolute killer workout today! I love hitting lower body when I’m fasted as I feel so much stronger and more powerful. Today was no exception!

Before I log my workout, I’d like to share a couple of pictures with you. I know many females get hung up on what the number on the scale is. When trying to drop fat, it’s often the only tool utilised and these pictures will hopefully give a good visual as to why that is a bad idea.

From saggy butt to kapow-ing booty!

From saggy butt to kapow-ing booty!

skinny fat front

From no abs to visible abs and hellooooo leg muscles!


Tighter, leaner, smaller

Tighter, leaner, smaller

It may shock you to find out that in the bikini pictures, I weigh 138lb. In the second photos, I weigh 172lb. That is a difference of 34lb. Now do you believe me when I say the scale means jack shit?

I hope so!

On to today’s training…

Warm Up:
Foam rolling
Dynamic hip flexor stretches
Hip openers
Fire hydrants
Third world squat
Third world squat to stand
Pigeon stretch

20kg x5
30kg x5
42.5kg x3
52.5kg x1
66.5kg x5
66.5kg x5
66.5kg x5

Romanian Deadlifts:
40kg x5
72.5kg x8
72.5kg x8

Leg Press:
140kg x5
210kg x6
200kg x6

Lying Leg Curls:
25kg x5
45kg x7
35kg x8

Standing Calf Raise:
260kg x10
260kg x8

Seated Calf Raise:
55kg x10
55kg x9

Awesome session. My entire posterior chain is utterly fried and my legs have that delicious heavy feeling. I’m going to sleep well tonight!


6 thoughts on “Lower Body Training – 23.6.13

  1. I just read your post over on your original blog but thought it might be better to leave a comment on the one you post more often! Just wondering how you feel about overall fitness now you have cut out cardio – do you still feel as physically fit as well as strong? This is not some kind of veiled criticism by the way, I am considering cutting down on cardio myself but at the moment (I do a lot of cycling/running/swimming) I am really enjoying the feeling of being able to run fast for a bus, not getting out of breath when I overtake people at the pool etc – and I wondered if you think you can maintain that level of general fitness from strength training alone? For me it is as much about that *feeling* as the look.

    • Hi PJ, I didn’t take your comment as criticism, it’s a very valid question.

      My overall fitness hasn’t really changed all that much, even since I cut out distance running a few years ago. Obviously, I couldn’t run the distances that I used to back then but if I need to run for a bus I don’t have any problems with getting too out of puff.

      I work as a nurse and very often have to go up to various wards, other departments, etc. I *always* take the stairs, if just a few floors then I will run up them, if more than 4 floors, then I will take them two at a time. This often entails me climbing about twenty flights of stairs but I manage it without too much of a problem. Obviously, my heart rate increases and by the time I’m at the top I’m a bit out of breath but that is to be expected.

      I walk *everywhere* and though I don’t have chance to get out on it much, I also have a bike and I rollerblade for fun too. My walk to work is 3 miles and when the weather is nice, I walk there and sometimes back too. I walk very briskly and the whole journey only takes me just over 40 minutes so as you can see, I don’t dawdle πŸ˜€

      And let’s not forget, lifting heavy weights is hard work, not just on my muscles but on my cardiovascular system too. When I’m repping out heavy squats or deads, my heart rate shoots up into the 180’s and though it’s only for about a minute at a time, it all adds up I guess.

      So what I’m trying to say is though I don’t do any real “structured” cardio, I am still very active and don’t feel my cardiovascular fitness has suffered too greatly πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by


      • Thanks for the reply πŸ™‚ I guess there is a difference between cutting out cardio altogether and incorporating it into your daily life so the gym isn’t cardio time. Food for thought, thanks!

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