I’ve been slacking at posting my workouts! But just because I’ve not posted, does not mean I haven’t been training – I’ve been working my ass off as usual!

Rather than post the last few weeks of training logs (which would be boring) I’ll just post the most recent from yesterday.

Before that though, I’ve a few things to write about.  Firstly, I had my last physio session last week. Sadly, there is nothing more that my therapist can do for my condition as the treatment she has been giving me has just not worked. I’m gutted to be honest, a lot of cash was spent in the hope that this would be fixed but it’s just not possible.

So now, I’ve to see my GP and get a referral to the orthopaedic team. Maybe the shoulder/neck requires scanning to see if there is something else going on. I don’t know. All I do know is that symptom wise, nothing much has changed. The treatment I was having has definitely helped to relieve the muscle spasm and tension in my traps and scalene muscles and my first rib is mobilising a little better than it was. But there is still that “pinching” sensation in between my collarbone and first rib and I still get unbearable pain whenever I raise my arms above my head.

The good news is though, that stopping my bench press did not have any positive effect on the injury so I was advised that I can restart it.

In other news, dieting is still going well. I’ve lost a total of 9lb so far and I’m feeling so much better. I’m seeing new progress all the time, most noticeably in my mid section and legs – two of my problem areas!

I was looking back over my very first set of “before” pictures from 2008/2009 the other day and when I compared them to how I look now I was absolutely astounded by how far I have come…

side comparison

Still feel pretty embarrassed about how big I used to be :$


It’s crazy to think though that I am only about 26lb lighter now, even though it looks like I’m about 4 stone lighter! That is the awesome thing about gaining muscle mass. It doesn’t make you look huge like a man, it makes you look tight and lean and shapely.

Back in 2009, I dropped over 50lb in a relatively short space of time (4 months) but ended up pretty much skinny fat. I had very little muscle mass and in the end, was not happy with the lack of shape.

In this picture, you will see that there is very little difference in size, except that I’m possibly a little smaller now…

2009 vs 2013 side

34lb difference in scale weight o_O


The main difference is in that number on the scale. I was 138lb in the first picture. I was 172lb in the second picture. That is a whopping 34lb difference without any noticeable difference in size.

Now do you believe me when I say the scale sucks?

Here are a couple more recent progress pictures…

facial comparison 2

It’s not just your body that changes when you drop fat!



Well helloooooooooooo muscles!

I’m pretty thrilled with the progress I seem to be making and I can only attribute it to being consistent. This year is the most consistent I’ve been with my diet and training and it shows in my results. It motivates me to keep hitting the weights hard and eating well because being the perfectionist that I am, I’m always striving for better.

Anyway, onto yesterday’s training session…

Upper Body Training – 21.6.13

Incline Bench Press:
20kg x8
25kg x5
33kg x5
33kg x5
33kg x5

I’m now working again at 70% of my 1RM. This will increase after the next session, when we’ll be lifting at 80%.

75kg x5
95kg x3
117.5kg x1
117.5kg x1
117.5kg x1
117.5kg x1
117.5kg x1

30 second rest pause. These were difficult but I was never in danger of not making any of the lifts. Rest pause to decrease to 15 seconds next time, before increasing to 120kg – eek!

Barbell Bench Press:
20kg x8
35kg x8
35kg x6

I would have made all 8 reps on my second set but there was a bit of a to-do outside the gym which caused a group of guys to congregate by the window to see what was going on. Unfortunately, that window was right next to where I was benching and one guy almost knocked the barbell as I was benching as he moved away so that ended that set.

Weight to increase back to 40kg next session (which is where I was before I took my break)

Seated Wide Row:
20kg x6
42.5kg x8
37.5kg x8

To increase to 45kg next time.

Standing Military Press:
20lb x8
45lb x8
45lb x6

I haven’t done this in months due to my injured shoulder. My thinking (which may well be wrong) is that it hurts whether I do it or not so I may as well work my shoulders as much as I can.

Obviously, I’ll be sensible and if I suffer with severe pain during the exercise I will stop but yesterday, I felt nothing but a little discomfort.

Barbell Curl:
27.5kg x8
27.5kg x8

I was sooooooo pissed off – I should have been curling 32.5kg and I miscalculated my weights. I didn’t bother to change it for my second set, I’ll just double check before I curl next session.

Tricep Pushdowns – Rope Attachment:
25kg x8
25kg x6

I always manage the first set no problem, but I just CANNOT get past 6 reps on my second set. Stupid weak triceps. I’m consoling myself with the fact that it’s probably due to reintroducing benching 😉

So there we have it. I’m hoping for more beautiful weather so that I may again enjoy the walk to work. I also want to get back to the beach – my tan is looking awesome 😀

Topping up the vitamin D

Topping up the vitamin D


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