Lower Body Training

Thank goodness this was the last session of my current cycle – I’ve *so* had enough of lifting at 90% of my 1RM – it’s tough!

We deload now, recalculate our 1RM and start again from 75% – I’ve never felt so happy to be squatting 66.5kg  😀

How about this amazing weather we’ve been having?

I was sat on the bus on the way home from work last week, crawling along in traffic, sweltering, with no air conditioning and feeling utterly miserable. I decided there and then to walk to work the next day. Why not make the most of the gorgeous weather whilst it lasts?

So for three days this week, I walked to work and yesterday, I walked there AND back 🙂


I actually hit the beach yesterday for the first time since last year. I was a bit nervous about putting on my bikini again as I’m about half a stone or so heavier than I was this time last year and for the past few months, I’ve been striving to “get back to what I looked like then”.

In the end, I thought sod it, put it on and got my tan on. I took a couple of pictures and it was only when I compared them to me last year I realised that I actually look *better* than I did!

2012 vs 2013


There isn’t a great difference in levels of leanness but there is a HUGE difference in my body shape! I posted the above picture to my instagram and a guy commented on it saying “nice quads. you squat” – damn well made my day!

But what made my day even more was when I compared my latest picture to one of me two years ago…

2 year progressWOW! It’s only when I compare these photos that I see how far I’ve really come. I feel extremely proud of myself!

Anyway, on to today’s workout. We must have been mental choosing to train legs on such a hot day. The gym was sweltering and my gym gear was saturated by the time I’d finished!

Warm Up:

Foam rolling – quads, calves, piriformis
Dynamic hip flexor stretches
Hip opening exercises
Forward leg swings
Third world squat
Third world squat to stand


20kg x5
40kg x5
60kg x3
81kg x3
81kg x3
81kg x3

These were TOUGH! I’m so happy that this 90% cycle is over. I also have to wear a full t-shirt for squatting from now on – my back was sweating and the bar was slipping – eek!

Stiff Leg Deadlifts:

40kg x6
65kg x8
65kg x8

I can really feel the difference now I’m focusing locking out using the glutes at the top *thumbs up*

Leg Press:

130kg x5
205kg x8
195kg x6

*fist pump* I am so happy to have made all 8 reps! I dropped two reps on my second set but I don’t really care – I pushed 205kg for 8 reps 😀 Weight up next session.

Lying Leg Curls:

25kg x6
40kg x7
35kg x8

Standing Calf Raise:

240kg x10
240kg x10

Weight to go up next time 🙂

Seated Calf Raise:

52.5kg x10
50kg x9

Didn’t realise til I came to write in my book that I should have put this weight up today – damn it!

I have to say, before I even started tonight’s session I was already sore – the walking has made my glutes ache so badly! Who would have thought that walking would hit the glutes like that? I do make sure to walk very briskly and  take big strides – it only takes me 45 minutes to walk the 3.2 miles.

I’m back to the beach tomorrow – hurrah! Long may this beautiful weather last. Have an awesome weekend folks 🙂


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