Lower/Upper Body Training

How much are you all enjoying this stunning weather?!?

I’ve actually walked the 3 miles to work the past couple of days because it’s just so beautiful out there. My route to work is is simply gorgeous and I’m definitely going to do it more often whilst it stays nice…



I’m working a half day tomorrow so my plan is to take my bikini & towel to work with me and hit up the beach when I finish to soak up some vitamin D! I’ll also be doing the same after my physiotherapy session on Friday. I just LOVE living right on the beach ❤

I missed recording my last training session as I’ve been so busy and then by the time the evening rolls around, I’m knackered and barely have the energy to eat and then fall into bed.

So here is tonight’s session as well as my last session…

2nd June – Lower Body Training

This was a fasted session and it was pretty freakin’ awesome!

Warm Up:

20 minute walk to gym
5-10 minutes foam rolling – quads, piriformis, calves
Dynamic hip flexor stretches – 12 each side
Hip opening exercises – 8 each side
Pigeon stretch
Shoulder dislocations – 3×10
Third world squats
Third world squat to stand
Leg swings – forward/sidewards

I’ve also started doing a new dynamic hip opening routine which is hard to put into words but I will get a recording of it over the weekend.


20kg x5 – with a 3 second pause in the hole
40kg x5
60kg x3
81kg x3
81kg x3
81kg x3

Awesome squat session! I felt really strong and powerful and I felt my glutes firing with every rep. We have one more session at 90% before we recalculate our 1RM and deload to 70%.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts:

40kg x6
60kg x8
60kg x8

After my last session, I said I was going to drop the weight a little and work on form as I was not pulling the glutes through at the top of the movement. Much improved this week!

Leg Press:

140kg x5
205kg x7
195kg x8

Loved my leg press this week though they were still tough. I’m determined to get the full 8 reps on my first set next time.

Lying Leg Curls:

25kg x6
40kg x7
35kg x8

Standing Calf Raise:

240kg x10
240kg x8

I could barely stand after these – and I love it!

Seated Calf Raise:

52.5kg x10
50kg x8


Upper Body Training – 5th June 2013

Warm Up:

Shoulder dislocations – 2 x 10 (Had to stop after two sets as it was aggravating my shoulder/neck)
Pectoral Stretches

Eccentric Dumbbell Flyes:

5kg x10
5kg x10

My shoulder was really giving me some grief tonight so I only did two sets. It’s getting extremely depressing now 😦


70kg x5
90kg x3
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1

15 second rest pause. It was hot in the gym tonight and my legs/glutes were feeling heavy due to walking to work and then standing on my feet all day in work. But I was never in danger of not making reps.

Next session I’ll deload and do some speed deads before increasing the weight up the following session to 120kg.

Seated Row – Wide Grip

20kg x6
40kg x8
40kg x6

Barbell Curls:

30kg x6
25kg x8

Tricep Pushdowns – Rope Attachment:

20kg x10
20kg x8
20kg x6

Arms were suitable fried though I do not feel I’m working as hard since I took out benching. I know it’s for my own good so I’ll stick with it for now but it’s driving me slightly potty!

A little flex shot from tonight’s session – I really think it’s noticeable that my upper body is leaning out 🙂



5 thoughts on “Lower/Upper Body Training

  1. Good form on the sldl ! Lowering the weight is something ya gotta do every now and then.
    So you went lighter and it looked good, how did you feel? Better workout?

      • So you concentrated the movement better with the lower weight. Basically you were able to really squeeze and contract the muscle for a longer time.
        Good to know!
        Everyone is always adding weight afraid that if they go lighter they are not progressing. But you have to ask, what do you want your progress to be? Another 5 or 10 lbs on the bar or bigger stronger muscles and a better looking body?

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