Upper Body Training – 31.5.13

Upper body training without benching sucks. I’ve never really enjoyed benching before and I think that’s why I always struggled to increase my weights but in the past few weeks, I’ve really nailed my form and seen my numbers shooting up as a result.  To be told now that I’m not allowed to bench, just as I’m starting to love it, blows hard!

But I still managed to enjoy my training session yesterday, despite it being boiling hot. I’ve mentioned before but my gym is in a shell of a building and is sweltering in the summer and freezing in the winter. But it’s my second home and I love it dearly 😀

Warm Up:

20 minute walk to gym
Shoulder dislocations 3 x 10 (with grip narrower with each set)
Shoulder rolls & shrugs
Pectoral stretches

Eccentric Dumbbell Flyes

10lb x 10
10lb x 10
10lb x 10

I am only allowed to do the eccentric (downward) part of this movement as the aim of the exercise is to stretch out the pec minor rather than work the muscles.  The boyfriend stood behind me to take the dumbbells from me at the bottom of each rep and hand them back to me at the top.  Weights are to be kept super light as it’s all about feeling the stretch.


70kg x5
90kg x3
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1
115kg x1

Great deadlift session! Down to a 30 second rest pause which felt tough but  I was confident of making every rep. Rest pause to drop to 15 seconds next time and then the weight will go up to 120kg – eek!

Wide Grip Seated Row:

20kg x6
35kg x8
35kg x8

I was advised to switch from a narrow grip to wide by my physio and as it’s a new exercise I knocked 5kg for good measure. As it stands I didn’t need to so this weight will be going up next time.

Rear Delt Flyes

10lb x8
10lb x8
10lb x8

This is a new exercise for me. As I’m not able to press anything overhead, I figured this was an easy enough exercise to add in without exacerbating my thoracic outlet syndrome.

Barbell Curl:

27.5kg x8
25kg x7

Super pumped that my curls are finally going up! I gave everything to my first set and was mega happy to get all 8 reps. This weight will go up next time.

Tricep Pushdowns (Rope Attachment):

20kg x8
20kg x8

Since the last lot of lying tricep extensions aggravated my shoulder, I have switched to rope pulldowns which actually (for me) hit the triceps better and give me a better contraction.

Finished off the session with 15 minutes of steep incline walking. 6kph with the incline at 15 (!) I power walked to some cheesy tunes and got my sweat on.

I’ll leave you with this picture of me, which is a comparison on me back in 2011 and a picture of me in April 2013 🙂

fat vs slim


I’ll be back tomorrow with the log of my legs workout.


4 thoughts on “Upper Body Training – 31.5.13

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  3. Came across your posting as Zemanta suggested it after writing about my workout switch-up for June and July. Your attitude lead me to visit your Facebook page and click like. Love it. You look to be getting great results. Keep up the great work.

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